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Dina Arvanitakis is a Florida Licensed Real Estate Agent and a Florida Licensed Attorney with extensive knowledge of Florida Real Estate Law. If you are in the market to buy either residential or commercial property, Dina has extensive knowledge of the local Tampa Florida real estate markets. Dina is a long time resident in Pinellas County Florida and can provide you the type of market knowledge you need whether you are a resident or moving to the Tampa – St. Petersburg Florida areas.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate

Buying a home  or a commercial property is arguably the biggest purchase you will ever make. Why risk that without proper advice and counsel?

As a Real Estate Agent and Attorney, Dina can explain all the terms of the contract and legal consequences of breaching or defaulting on the contract. We can draft addendums from a legal perspective, which is something a Realtor ® is not able to do. We counsel our clients if the seller fails to disclose a material fact as well as bring an action in court if necessary, to enforce terms of the contract post-closing.

Why you need a Real Estate Agent and Attorney

Recently, we had a client that bought a house, and per the contract, the seller was supposed to replace the roof prior to closing. At the time the client purchased the home, she was represented by another Realtor. ® Soon after the buyer moved in, the roof leaked, and it was discovered that the roof was never replaced by a licensed roofer. The Realtor ® who represented my client did not properly follow up to see if any permits were pulled or whether the person that had “replaced” the roof was licensed. My client paid to replace the roof herself and engaged me to help recoup her costs. We wrote a demand letter threatening legal action and the seller quickly reimbursed my client for the roof replacement, no questions asked. A Realtor ® alone is not able to write a demand letter with the same force and authority as a Real Estate Attorney. In addition, a Realtor ® cannot hold the seller accountable, but a Real Estate Attorney can. More importantly, a Realtor ® with a legal background can prevent this mistake from happening in the first place.

Tips for Buying a Home

10 things Buyers should not do when applying for a mortgage

  • Rack up new debt.
  • Forget to check credit report.
  • Fall behind on paying bills.
  • Max out credit cards.
  • Close a credit card account.
  • Switch jobs.
  • Make a major purchase like a car or new appliances.
  • Marry someone with bad credit.
  • Co-sign on a loan.
  • Make big deposits.

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